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  • Our signature Sera Dress, now available in white!An assymetrical dress, made with lace and pleats fabric. You can worn this sabrina-style, or off-shoulder. This unique dress is definitely a must have!All size, fit to M.

    IDR 1,700,000
  • A double layered tulle dress, with embroidery all around the edges. Decorated with embellishments around the neckline. You can wear this with our without the belt, for a completely different look! Inner included & seperate belt included. Available in many colors. All size.

    IDR 1,695,000
  • A tulle dress in loose cutting, and fitted on the waist. Made with embroidery and polkadots fabric. Decorated with embellishments all in front. This dress is perfect for an afternoon ocassion.  Inner included. All size fit to XL. Available in Pink and Nude colors.

    IDR 1,950,000
  • An assymetrical dreamy dress. Made with mixture of laces fabric. Decorated with embellishments around the neckline. Inner Included.

    IDR 1,799,000
  • A white outer dress, with poplin sleeve, and embellishments on the sides. The mixed lace fabric, and flattering cut, gives you a classic yet modern look! All size, Inner included.

    Out of stock
  • A loose fitted lace kaftan dress, with teardrops embellishments on the sides. The simple cutting and delicate fabric gives you an elegant yet chic look! Comes with inner top, and kain skirt. All size fit to XL.

    IDR 2,399,000
  • A lace long outer, with high and beaded neckline, and ruffled sleeve. This outer gives you a playful, yet modest look for Raya!Available in 4 colors. Inner top or dress Included.

    IDR 1,890,000