Casual Dresses 

Looking for a dress for day time occasion? Take a look at our selection of dresses to find one that suits you. This selection of dresses are light, comfortable and timeless.

  • A tulle polkadot ruffles dress, in loose fit and boat neckline. Decorated with embellishments all over the neckline.  Inner included. Available in Pink, Nude, White and Black. All size fit to XL

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  • A double layered tulle lace dress, with embellishments around the neckline. This dress gives you a chic, yet playful look. Perfect for a day or night ocassion! Inner & seperate belt included. Available in many colors.

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  • A tulle tunic dress in loose cutting. Made with embroidery and polkadots fabric. Decorated with embellishments all in front. This dress is perfect for an afternoon ocassion.  Inner included. All size fit to XL. Available in Pink and Nude colors.

    IDR 1,950,000
  • An full embellished outer, with delicate lace details on the sides. The combined lace and embellishments details, gives you a playful yet chic look! Inner dress included. Available in soft yellow, gray, and pink.

    IDR 2,495,000
  • A sleeveless dress, with ruched neckline, decorated with embellishments in front. Topped with a bow detail on the back. This dress is perfect for an afternoon garden ocassion! Belt and inner included.

    IDR 1,699,000
  • An A line tulle dress, with 3D Flowers embroidery with different shades of Pink. This sweet dress is perfect for an afternoon ocassion!  Inner included. Available in one color.

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  • An embroidery multicolor lace dress, in kimono wrap style. This dress is flattering on any body types! Inner included. All size fit to XL

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  • A wrap satin dress, in V-neck style and decorated with beadwork embelllishments on the side. This dress is suits for any ocassion, day or night! Available in many colors. All size, fit to L.

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